May 17 2017

#gslandlords #landlordscycling I'm still waiting on funds to clear for pre-order. Going on a ride today–no blog! PayPal exists for last minute slackers. #danlord posters, @steveespopowers #coneyisland sign, #suntour #italiano catalog #internationalorange #marsh @hamburger_eyes and #megawords #cameo missing landlords? Buy the new magazine. Buy all 4 magazines. Buy #1 because it's getting pulled when #4 ships. You want to know what's up with the magazine. Each magazine is a chapter in the new book. I can't make a 1000 page book so you're getting it serial style. At the end maybe we'll make a wood display binder that holds them all. How many issues? I started at the blog reboot, going chronologically forward two months at a time. I cut a lot out of this issue to keep the page count/cost down. There are 76 pages in this issue including cover. I'm going to switch to documenting a month at a time from here out. This will end at December 2016 when we went to #privateweek . At that point I'll take a look at starting the same project with the original 3 years of the blog. Plus @duffed_out will have some new and #NOS shit coming out!!! Ok 👌

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