Letters. We get letters.

May 10 2017

> Got a friend in phili thus week, is it Possible to get the zines on pick up and save us some canadian dollaridoos?

>Are they bi-lingual?
Yes. To some extent. I think issue one is only English. Issue 2 is essentially all visual. Issue 3-There’s two things in English only. The only stuff in French is info on Pot Belge. The Bonus interview is in Italian, Japanese, and English. It’s scattered.

>Hardcover trilogy?
Maybe after 6 issues or something like that. But it won’t be everything in the magazines.

>Can we order hats and towels and swag at the same damn time!

I’m working on it. The way our budget is looking right now I have to stick to pre-order and partnering with different vendors. It would be easier for me to buy large quantities of all of this stuff and sell it direct to you from me but until we reach a point where pre-order is producing enough profit to do that this won’t happen. The more people pre-order the more I’ll be able to switch to ordering quantity upfront. It will keep our prices down and make all of this happen faster. But right now, ” nah B. ”

If you want to put an order together for your squad up there you can paypal me and I’ll knock off some $$$, combine shipping etc.

—I only have a couple copies of the magazine for sale. I do have shirts. I believe in S, M, L, and XL in different colors/styles. I can link up.

DS Tim