We Heart Giro

May 09 2017

After yesterday’s stage, all of the riders had a coach transfer to the airport and a one-hour flight to Palermo, where we would spend today’s first rest day.

Having arrived at around 10pm, my team-mates and I walked straight into our food truck for dinner, and hearing other teams mutter about how nice it looked reminded me how lucky we are to have a state-of-the-art mobile kitchen with us, ready to cook whatever food we want, for the whole race.
Although we went to bed a bit later last night, today’s rest day meant I could lie in a bit later before heading to breakfast with the rest of the lads.

Afterwards, we waited on our bikes to arrive with the team cars and trucks after their overnight trip from the ferry.
Despite the mechanics putting the bikes inside the team cars rather than having them on the roof for the journey, they told us they had guys trying to open the boot and car doors to get at them when they were stopped at lights a couple of times near the hotel, and it didn’t take long to figure out we’re staying in a bit of a dodgy area.

The mechanics have huge custom-made Bora-Hansgrohe bollards and signs in their truck, which they use to block off space in hotel car parks so that they can work on the bikes after each stage, but today they were stolen, in broad dayligh