Mass Produced Track Bikes 90’s – 2000’s

Apr 06 2017

Originally written by Tim and Dan in Feb 2012-

Starting in 1995 here’s a list of shitty, iconic (?lol), mass produced track bikes.

-blue KHS with the bent seat tube

-grey KHS with bent seat tube

-black GT with unconventional seat stays

-Flat Black Bianchi Pista

-Red/Yellow Fuji

-Chrome-look Bianchi Pista


-SE Drift

(Don’t forget about this one, produced before 96′??? before the “craze” probably made as a cheap off-season trainer, definently a junker….I aint gonna front, I had one. -D Lord)

After that everything became indistinguishable. (The iro and the drift are interchangeable-ly horrible. No style, no soul, just some crappy metal glued together with the tears of the Cycling Gods)


We know some of you uninformed people like these bikes.
We need to inform you, they suck.
They sucked then, they suck now, they suck forever.
The stock components lasted weeks when used for messenger work.
For real.
Don’t ever confuse yourself into thinking any of these bikes was ever a good bike.

(The pre-2000 bikes were all probably designed with the velodrome in mind-Those blue aero GT’s produced at the same time as the black ones were very common in American racing. The post 2000 bikes were definitely not designed for velodrome racing.)

2017 Note: We got to talk to someone who worked for KHS in 95 and ask why they made that bike! I remember standing on the corner of broad and pine in 95 and I see Big Brad blast past on one. I was on the north east corner with James Arts and I remember we were both like daym. Maybe Esher had the Colnago already. I know Dlord got the indigo… Got be a 95 bike. Isn’t it called an Indigo 96. . .They were getting ahead of the year. I can’t pinpoint this Big Brad sighting exactly! it has to be between fall 95-spring 96. so anyway… The KHS bike was in the bike store on by the Wawa. It was 749 dollars if I remember correctly. Did it come with a stock front brake? I guess thats where the answer is… This is right before the track bike knowledge and consciousness started really moving into Philly.

Like in 94-95 Esher was down obviously. Dan. That’s it.

It branched out.

Lew Blum, Me, Nemel.LB. Guza. McCann came up from Richmond. Woody! Moser MArk! Track Bike Justin and Trevor link in from Syracuse. Joey and Jeremy from Richmond. SKYE too! Serge!

Just like that you go from 2 or 3 to 20 (and then 30 and 40 and then we don’t know no one no more!)

And then it really branched out after.

That 95-98 time period we’re talking about. That’s when this shit takes form.

I have said it a bunch of times but to retell the story for the 100th time. NYC was boss. Jamaican Immigrant Messengers invented all of this. This was some Kingston style that made it to NYC! Fast Eddie passed this down to Squid and team. In SF OG’s like Zo were putting the world together. Squid traveled west.

It spread out from there.

Without them there is no us.

Without us there is no you.

(( I mean you in a collective sense! This you means any juniors that came into this after our mid 90’s time. If you don’t know what this is you aren’t part of it so don’t worry! You’re a total original B! Trackstand!

If you came before us. Ultimate respect! We bow down! ))

(hey also while obviously not a fan of SE fixie style bikes — we are big supporters of their BMX and wheelie kid outreach!respect! 2017 )