LA Craigslist

Apr 02 2017

Lots of bikes but high prices!

(everything on LA craigslist is like $2000. Just go on italian ebay and buy some moldy legnano for 800 and then pay a 100 for shipping! Eroica! LOL! )

50’s Legnano

Anquetil 60’s

I was going to put this Masi on here because the repaint was done by a Masi painter and it seemed like that fits into some gray area for repaints. I didn’t put it on because selling repaints is not in a gray area for LL.

Chris Chance

Look at this piece of shit for 1400 dollars.

ALAN Guerciotti

Celo Europa





Gitane Super Corsa

Frejus that got attacked with paint stripper.

Falcon – Type Disrespected with those booty rims on there.



LOL I mean I love craigslist season as much as the next guy but who is buying this disc for 2k?

Royersford Bike man bonus colnago.

Oh hey that Paramount from yesterday was 2300 dollars. LOL. It’s a fucking paramount.