N.Y. Craigslist

Mar 31 2017

(Black frame/black tarp. Master of Craigslist photography.-t()

-John Smith

With some text from DC. Sterling sent in a cool looking De Rosa. But then it turned out it was a bullshit repaint.

We have a strict 100% no repaint/refurbish policy.

These frames are artwork. Masterpieces of simple engineering and craftsmanship. Don’t disrespect the original masters.

Think of it this way. Each used, classic, steel frame had (at least) three artists or artisans collaborating to make it what it is.

The framebuilder(s). The painter(s). The rider(s).

Patina is good. History is good. Each chip, dent, and scratch was earned. It completes the piece.

Step away from your narrow concept of perfection and learn to love cycling for what it is.

Hard, dirty, and true. You can become the next artist to collaborate on the frame. Your experience adds to the patina.

I honestly don’t get the whole refurbished/resale thing.

You know the thing where a dude buys an old frame, takes it to Joe’s Powdercoating, gets that shit sandblasted and then powdercoated.

(Powdercoating might hide those cracks for a day or two lol.)

Then he goes on eBay and buys some components and some decals.

Slaps the decals on wherever he thinks they look cool.

Goes to the bike shop and they put it all together with some jagwire housing and a new Planet Bike saddle or a Brooks or a fake Brooks… Some ugly bar wrap. Maybe splatter tape.

Put it on eBay and Craigslist at the same time.

Write “beautifully restored” in your ad.

The bike never sells.

The end.