From the Files of Esher

Mar 27 2017

So hey-

On instagram we’re going through some early history to establish some facts for the uninformed.

There’s lots of BS floating around on that shit. Like most ducks don’t know anything.

I don’t really feel the need to do it here-again… because we did it for 10 years already and anyone reading this is probably down with the team or at least down for the cause!

But…if you feel like checking it out get involved.

I consider the blog like family and instagram is introducing us to the masses.

Try to keep it positive !

and in a little bit of a harder direction:

What’s going on on Duffed Out! is a view of Lower Manhattan Graffiti in the late 90’s=early 00s. A golden age of style, chaos and destruction.
Within the fire the Landlords evolved.

(This hot subject provides less controversy than GS Landlords somehow. Like somehow people are touchier about bikes than they are about graffiti. Or maybe it’s the duffed out! stuff is not a safezone so people keep it chill in the comments. Like there’s quick response for being a dickhead on Duffed Out! but not GS Landlords. Cuz we’re chilling and we just want everyone to be cool and ride bikes.)