Help Leslie!

Mar 24 2017

Angelica Kitchen is closing after 40 years. The restaurant that introduced organic vegan food to New York on St Marks and 2nd in 1977 is closing its doors on April 7th.

Leslie employed both me and serge as well as many other members of the hardcore, bike messenger and graffiti scenes— closing in on 20 years ago!

She truly supported the neighborhood, artists and individuals for 40 years!

And now she is $250K in the hole. The price of bringing healthy food to the masses.

Please help her walk away from the business she loved for 40 years without debt. Any vegan restaurant that opened in the last 40 years owes her the help!

(I’m looking at every AK rip off gentrification-special vegan restaurant. you should be paying out the frame you counterfeits!)