Mat T Update

Mar 21 2017

Mat T or Twills or Twigs or Mat Terwilliger or Empty has been a mainstay of so many scenes over the years it’s hard to count.

Skating for 30+ years. BMX before that. NASA/Limelight skateboarding derel club kid. East Vill resident pre 95. Love Park in the mid 90’s. (tough years!) Graffiti in the 90s-2000s. Serve Messenger in the 00’s. Cyclist in the 00s. Rivington Club. Currently Shut Skates and NYC Velo. Head Landlords Contributor. IRAK. WRS. GSLL. LxDxLxSxOxGx OGLL

Send this dude some positive vibes or more if you can.

I mean it.