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Mar 09 2017

Thank you everyone for participating in this pre-order.

Champion sweatpants—-> Champion Hoods—->Longsleeve T’s——>Short Sleeve T’s

(plus a couple more Gildan hoods. )

Thanks for buying Champion sweatpants!

**Long sleeve tees in Fluoro Colors**

Rainbow stripe colors for the shortsleeves!

(I’m trying to get a flick with 5 of you in a row wearing those shirts)

Lots of variations!

Some stuff that wasn’t on the list.

All bad ass for the spring.

Thanks everyone for buying magazines too. Your support keeps us going and ad free.

Without this support we wouldn’t keep running.

It’s a tight crew.

Buy more!

wholesale inquires—please contact for info.

wholesale shirt orders have about 23 hours to come in.

you know me dude I’m open.