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Feb 07 2017

In the interest of giving you a bigger view into who we are we present some options to go further.


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Landlords Book author Phil Legitt has a facebook page.
Phil Legitt


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In a moment of creative apathy and cycling immersion I let the hosting on the old “Duffed Out!” blog expire—-So I’m going to start going through the old files.

(Don’t get worried, I still own the domain. Maybe something new will appear soon? What am I a fortune teller?)

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Right now I’m doing doors in NYC around the year 2000.

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Check it out:

Duffed Out!

#revs #cost #vfr94 #serif #pez

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Serge T is the fifth Landlord. Check him out.

Rolling a wall white so a new hand painted one can be done. In NP

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Want to get down:


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