GS Monday Morning

Jan 30 2017

And now onto some cyclists you can believe in…


Matt B of London secures the top total mileage (286mi) and elevations (28k) spots. He also did the third longest ride. First UK podium placing. Okay player.

We’re seeing some summertime mileage now!

Tom S of Red Bank, NJ got the next spot and Fergus L of SF closed total distance out.

Corey H of SF did a 133 mile ride and climbed 8.5K feet.

Evgeniy P of Харьков, Харьковская область, Украина did a 93 mile ride.

Ethan L of Alameda, CA climbed 10.5K feet.

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2-GS Philadelphia
1-GS London
1-Red Bank, NJ
1-Almeda, CA
1-GS Copenhagen
1-GS Istanbul