MTB window shopping

Jan 27 2017

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As my MTB invitations increase I need to figure out this bike situation…

I was looking at fuji and saw this “rakan” and I was like

“yo, a philly bike company has a bike called “rakan” .

(Rakan is an ill old head writer from North Philly.)

So I didn’t know rakan was a word. but i checked on wikipedia and this is what I got.

“In Japanese, the word for an Arhat, in Buddhism, a saint or person who has attained nirvana”

Anyway that’s all. I need a mtb. While I fantasize about this-

what should I get:




I kind of want FS just to go all the way.

This is just an aside into my quest.

I was asking Serge if he knew Rob Roskopp. Their paths never crossed. From my online research I see that Novak and Roskopp started Santa Cruz bikes in 93. That’s Plan B era of skateboarding. At that point Vert skating was fully dead. At the same time MTB was going through a huge boom. Kind of cool to think about these big ramp and pool skaters going full on into MTB right then.


There’s a lot of legends of skating sessions and contests and you never see Roskopp in them. So I was wondering like what was up. There’s a pinkbike interview with him where he says he takes his son to the skatepark and skates once a month and that he rides local XC trails. He also said Natas and Hosoi got bikes.
That’s my only research on that subject.

But I’ll continue my MTB quest.