Jan 14 2017

LB is serious at the wall in 98 or 99.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 10.00.37 AM

The wall was our place for a couple years.


One time this guy, prob like 45, sat on the wall with an ice cream cone. It was a dead time in summer. The guy came up and sat right in the middle of the messenger side and me and nemel cracked up. He was just licking this cone and did not give a fuck about us. It was so funny. Most people learned to approach the wall with some amount of reverence. It was slightly exclusive-Not like you were getting beat up. But you were getting vibed until you left. This dude did not give a fuck about messengers or our wall.

He just sat there licking his cone. Like “fuck you man I’m eating ice cream” style.

We were laughing like “What should we do to this guy?” in a predatory young adult way.

He was to cool to fuck with and wouldn’t have given a fuck anyway.

Out of ideas Jesse sat next to him and I took pictures of them. Jesse was mimicking his ice cream eating and the guy acted like he didn’t notice. He was sitting next to him to like an inch away.

He never stopped eating his cone.

Maybe I can dig up a flick.

It was funnier to me because nemel had a bike helmet on and I thought it looked crazy because pretty much no one wore helmets and Boney (Time Cycle boss) was always bugging about it. So he was wearing the helmet like tilted and was pretending to eat an ice cream cone next to the guy eating the ice cream cone and he was like not even slightly affected.

There was this pervo dude that used to go up to skaters at LOVE and ask them if he could take pictures of them in their underwear. He had a business card. “I’m a modeling photographer.”

Around 98 he showed up at the wall and started asking bike messengers.

That’s when I knew the messengers were gaining power. The pervo dude moved over to Rittenhouse.

One time a bum came up and tried to sell us a dildo. It was just me and nemel at the wall.

We told him the tall dude that worked in Le Bus would take it. Big Brad worked in Le Bus. The bum dude went in there at morning rush and whipped out the dildo and was like “I heard you’ll take this!” to Big Brad.

Big Brad came out later and was like “Yo this bum dude just came into le bus and whipped out a dildo. he said I wanted it!”

we were dying.


oh man. that’s funny.

classic wall.

Friends of Rittenhouse got riding bikes on sidewalks around the park banned. For a month or so they had this old timer cop guy that would patrol the curb right at the entrance to the park. He was serious. You had to jump off your bike right at the edge instead of rolling to the wall. They hated us back then too- for sure. When things really got big like 98 they were trying to stop us. And it was big then. Old Time Cycle, new track messengers, all the friends that would come by, messenger and non. it was fun!