Continuing Slow Aggression War on Bike Messengers Continues

Jan 13 2017

All Philly messengers past and present are bumming!

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.39.19 AM

But don’t worry—-yet.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.40.49 AM

I said yet– because they want to take all our parks and all our legacy.

RIP Love Park

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It was kind of live in there in the summers since decriminalization. Squads posted up everywhere. Pretty cool. Euro vibe.

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Linkage B

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Speaking of Euro Vibe:
You should have seem me having to cop dime bags in Pla├ža de Catalunya in Barcelona. That place is crazy in the summer. All these northern euros drunk as shit singing songs. So anyway back to getting weed. These dudes only had hash. I had to work to get flower. I met this one dude who was ok, but it was type schwag. He wore an american football jersey (buffalo bills) and had dreads and said “yo.” We got along despite the language barrier. I’d get one of those Bicing bike share bikes, tag the rear wheel cover, and smash around smoking spliffs and writing on stuff…so much fun. my main regret was not bringing a skateboard. Barcelona is so fresh for skating. That bank spot by the beach at the bottom of La Ramblas and the art museum spot were all going off. If going to Barcelona bring a skateboard.

I keep thinking we need a Landlords Euro tour. I wonder if we could crowdfund it or if we’d need a sponsor. Sponsors are scared of the squad… I guess a proper GSLL SF visit is probably before Europe anyways. Just thinking.