Jan 06 2017


Cosme and MK sprung for the Champion Hoods. Very Classy.

Hey so I’m getting all of your stuff out. Sorry for the delay, the sweatshirts don’t fit in the Priority envelopes ($6.70 that I planned on) so I’m paying the extra $6.35 to put them in boxes for you guys. Had to pull a little extra together to do that. I beat some of it by hand delivering Philly…If you could kick in the extra it would be cool but if not you know I understand. It said free shipping so you know. It should be free. But these sweatshirts are just to bulky to fit in an envelope.

Long sleeves don’t sweat it. They fit.

All that being said your shirts will be there soon if you hit me up or not.

Hey if you did not pre-order you will be able to buy black long sleeves and black hoods from Mash Transit in SF.

Colors: maybe we’ll do one more run in a month or two months.

I don’t have any extras! Sorry!

Ben got the only surplus red shirt for delivering to Gtown. Jammie got a blue and yellow.

and I got one for Ray Potes and one for DM I think.

No Extra Hoods!

One more note on Street Kit.

We did this order at a little over cost to get all the homies dressed right.

But now that the crew has gear-prices will have to rise.

Also Cima Coppi GS Landlords Wool Jerseys are still in effect. They are so fresh. The freshest in fact. Our most prestigious piece of kit. One will be arriving shortly to head to Oakland. If you are interested in Wool Luxury please contact info@duffedout.com

These are not cheap. Luxury Level. Write in if you are interested!

Also: Thanks to Awesome Dudes Printing for skilling it up. The quality of the job is a1.

So ok we got back into completing the kit. Monday. We’ll start to discuss the next phase of Full Kit.

We still need:

head. ( there is actually something in the works for the street kit. top secret)

neck. football scarf.

jacket. (ride and casual. Santini and…)

winter hands. (maybe, might be to late now.) (The summer gloves are so fresh I wish more people had ordered them. I can’t push this stuff hard enough. Santini is the truth for modern cycling gear. Maybe in the spring we’ll reopen summer gloves order.)

Legswe need some after ride pants. straight up. I was thinking just sweatpants with an oversize LL logo on one leg and GS on the ankle of the other leg.

foot. (shoes. I contacted some people and they didn’t write me back. Can you believe that shit? Sometimes I wonder about people. I was like “what?” haha. Like sorry for reaching out dude or lady. I mean not really sorry. But yo.)

forward on that: we’re still digging.

I’m trying to get down with after ride sandals too.

team bike. (fuck dude, It is the final part of the kit. Is that to future thinking? We talked to Torelli a little bit about this in December but we’re open still.)

bag/backpack/duffel bag. (yeah we need this.)

(I know we’re like a mystery to bike industry people. Like on one side they think this is just a blog for ebay bikes and pictures of roads and buildings and punk and reggae and then on the other side we have Private Week and it’s like they have no clue. )

(Also Private Week buttons coming soon. This is going to go down in an old school way. the S.A.S.E. For anyone who doesn’t know that’s a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Send two well concealed dollar bills and a SASE to me and I’ll send you a button. Private Week Members only! It’s like a secret society. People that were there for Private Week. If you see someone with the PW button give them ultimate dap.)

stickers for sweatshirt postage.