Rural Japan

Jan 04 2017












“Pics from the last 3-4 months. They don’t keep the roads very nice in the winter up here so riding anywhere but the grocery store or recycling center isn’t super appealing atm. It’s really easy to just point your bike somewhere and see what you find, there’s farm roads (my muddy univega up there at the end of one) and sea walls everywhere that have awesome views. Drivers in this part of Japan are mad nice, never been honked or yelled at even when acting like a fool. Those costal pics (btw that’s grass not sand) are in Hachinohe, which is hands down the b st riding I’ve ever had. So many hills, good views, tasty ass food when you wanna stop and eat. That gitaine is like the 5th bike I’ve seen in the wild in 5 months that wasn’t a mama chari. The bike equivalent of somebody wearing razorblades a down jacket and stilettos. I like the bell on the bar end and how nobody locks their bikes up here. Those wheel locks that go on the seat stays are about as high security as it gets in rural Japan. Obvi no disrespect to mamacharis I’d rather ride one than the mutant gitaine and fuck the big three for keeping practical mom bikes off the streets in the states. Happy holidays to the gs wherever you all are. ”