Kit Advice: CLEANING.

Dec 23 2016

“the hard-and-fast rule of thumb to protect the clothing as long as possible is to avoid heat. Wash cold. Dry cold (or hang dry). It wont shrink. The ink wont fade from wash – maybe from sun exposure over long periods but not the wash. There aren’t any thermoplastic applications that can get ruined by the heat. I think it’s safe to tell people to try to avoid heat but that’s it. ”

Steve from Santini speaks.

(Hey maybe apply this to your street kit as well.)

Cold water wash — hang dry. no heat!

If you’re in an apartment with no washer/dryer you can do it in the sink.

Or go the laundromat and wash it gentle or handwash cold and then take it out and bring it home and hang it up.

I want this stuff to last. We won’t do this kit again.

So treat it with respect.

It’s your colors. You paid for them.

Don’t disrespect the set with hot water and a dryer.