GS BUSINESS: Brewpub de Kromme Haring in Utrecht, NL.

Dec 22 2016







“Brewpub de Kromme Haring in Utrecht, NL. This is what i quit my job to start. then as it was all really kicking off and about to open, the missus popped out twins. so it’s been interesting. then i fucked my back and couldn’t stand up. strava account has gone quiet, hope to start to rectify that soon. anyways the pub is now open and going pretty well, brewery will start production in 2-3 weeks when we finish assembling the brand new equipment which just arrived last week, can brew 1200L batches, small fry in this business but we will try to sell most in house at a good margin. but my beer is also available locally, i used to brew it in other breweries. i’m a yeast geek by the way, that’s my thing other than bikes. we (me & 1 co-owner) did everything ourselves, all the renovation and building, plumbing, all that shit except the big 3-phase electrics, my father made the tap handles and the old man and i did the bars together, from local trees that came down in storms and that sort of thing, yew and horse chestnut. we’re in an old pharmaceutical cold storage just outside the city center, in a building complex with loads of other shit, coffee roaster, bakery, bunch of programmers and designers, restaurant, woodworking shop, two pottery workshops, probably a professional knitter who knows, i know it sounds a bit sickeningly hipster but it’s a pretty interesting place, it’s called vechtclub xl. anyways we’ve got 12 taps, usually 4-5 of my beers and the rest whatever we like, it changes almost daily, and enough interesting other stuff including not disgusting alc-free drinks and some snacks. we’ll expand to 16 taps pretty soon, the holes are already drilled.
we’re in the proces of designing our own jerseys, our graphics guy is a bike freak, and lover of steel. we’ll probably plump for a finer italian hand-stiched affair. i thought i had enough jerseys to last me a lifetime but soon will have landlord’s and my own in the collection. pics of those will be submitted to the landlord’s editorial committee in due time no doubt”

Stephen G is a homie. He’s part of the GS with deep ties to our SF contingent. This is his business and his new focus. If you are anywhere near the Netherlands make a trip to check out his spot. We have to support each other to make the team work.

Good luck Stephen.

Congratulations on everything.

(We also accept beer.)