Vay Kay

Dec 21 2016

You know we’re headed up to a Landlords Vacation Week but I feel bad doing it right after Private Week.

So we’ll be doing mostly reader and contributor submissions through the new year.

Maybe some Golden Era Landlords reprints. I think 2009-10 is good for origins and more creative visual motion content. but it really hits it stride around 2011-2012 and burns out around there. But it burns so bright.

Hey man I was just thinking about this time this guy threatened to send some motorcycle Gangs after us. LOL.

Landlords gets so ridiculous.

I’m going to send some Martians after you dude. Bzzzzzzt.


It’s your time to show off your bikes, gear and terrain.

I’ll just make smart ass comments and add a little in.

We’ll get back on track after the New Year.

I’m totally going to the movies today.

Maybe drop off my rear hub at BiKyle.

Which means I just need a saddle, chain, tires and tubes to finish off the DeRosa.

Plus 18t cog and a lockring.

If anyone feels like flowing us a Cinelli Volare SLX please do. Would prefer the old one, but the new one is OK.

The Other stuff too. Fresh tires. Good tubes. fitting chain. (IE Regina Extra/Everest/Campagnolo.) 18t cog and lockring with the little c would be best,

Contact for mailing info. (no motorcycle gangs please.)

I actually need a break after Private Week.

That was just to goddamn heavy.

Hope you guys enjoyed it for real.

I did.