Dec 10 2016

For one night the SF crew opened up a portal to the past in memory of ORFN. You can’t beat time, but sometimes you can cheat it.

Veterans of different generations have recounted the scene for us.








-Last night we had about a hundred folks turn out for ORFN memorial, lots of bombing on Friday rush hour trains, it was lit. like a dozen fools doing throws and catching tags and crushing trains as they rolled through, the memorial was at a train stop in the Lower Haight area right as trains go in or come out of tunnel to go underground. Cops showed up and hung around for a bit and then left, the place was so crushed and off the hook the cops just sort of saw what was going on a shrugged their shoulders and left. Some of the train operators looked pissed that their trains were getting smashed on with a packed inside full of commuters watching it go down. Aaron would have been hyped on it, there were some tags that he did in the early 90’s still running in that tunnel so it was like he was sort of there, in spirit definitely. He inspired all these people that showed up, plus many more that couldn’t be there. That’s a cool ass legacy to have, not many can claim that shit. Alicia passed around the marker that he died with in his hands, a pink Mega Mop type marker, the old homies hit up in a book that was part of the memorial.
-Oakland Andrew

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-brian sf

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