Dec 09 2016

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“There is another version that he would draw of the same ghost standing next to the bike, holding it by the bar and stem. Its because of him I even know and love bikes — Aaron was just pure love for bikes that is what we all should have – or try to reach. He would tag “steel cinelli bars and stem” a lot back when he was a working messenger – I have been hunting for an image of one of those tags and hope to find it soon so I can share with you.

All the bullshit with track bikes set aside, SENZA FRENI is without brakes – and Aaron was always unstoppable. US Un Stoppable. It all just fits too well and is wonderful. Even in the end, no stopping.

One of the first memories I have of Aaron was at 1 Post in the 1990s – bright orange Paramount. I cannot remember a time since then that he didn’t have a bike in his hand – or near by. I have been trying to write down all the memories I have of him and get stuck so much. ”

“I can’t imagine a reality where Aaron isn’t whole now. That he won’t live forever. Maybe it’s just in our hearts and through the people he touched during his life time. Is that spiritual eternal life? I never want people to forget him. I want him to be in a better place, with a bag of Erik’s on his shoulder filled with zines and paintings. Riding a Zeus track bike, his painted fingernails holding the handlebars, and with an unending ever-changing multi-color split streak in his pocket. I want him to be in a place where he has tunnels to explore and a city where he can write his name forever and it’s Halloween forever.”