Giving Up

Dec 07 2016

I think I’m giving up on GS Winter Cycling Caps.

Everything is wrong. It’s really frustrating-there’s so many wool cycling accessory shops and not one of them can make this happen.

I have looked everywhere and the cap we want no longer exists. I swear.

Most wool stuff looks to Sherlock Holmes style for us. Like bruv, I’m not going on the Tweed Ride to the Pub, I’m going down some steep ass hill and then riding next to a river.

The modern tech stuff isn’t happening either. Mostly head gaskets etc…It’s ok, but not what we’re looking for.

We need that perfect hat that existed sometime in the mid 80’s-90’s, before helmets.

If you know of anyone who can handle custom hats like pictured below please contact:



I’m not expecting an email. Because no one can do this. These hats are extinct.

Looking at this hat you need:

Call me when you can do:

thick wool/poly blend knit material-like for ski cap.

Screened Goretex front.

Button on top.

Shit Mat T came up with 10 yards of goretex for us.

Where’s the hero we need?