Moment of Silence.

Dec 03 2016

We’re taking a moment of silence out of respect for ORFN and crew.

Positivity and Love Friends-focus it for Aaron.

It’s what keeps us all going.


@Regrann from @mrelmnt: ::::::::: ORFN update: I spent the day at hospice today with lots of family and friends gathered; with several just dropping in for quick visits throughout the day. We sipped tea and laughed, told stories and got to know one another a little bit better. I read to him briefly but unfortunately the book took a turn for the worse and got stressful which seemed to upset him, so I stopped. He communicates non verbally for the most part and with great effort; lifting his eyebrows or other rather subtle movements. Hospice is INCREDIBLE! They do their best to keep him comfortable and respect family and friends in the process of loss and mourning. I plan on going to grief counseling and support groups through hospice in the near future! I love ORFN and ask folks to please keep praying for our guy as he is in a world of pain and needs us to stay positive, respectful and loving towards him and those close to him…a lot of whom suffer deeply, he's such a special and unique human being!! Bless US All!!!! :::::::::: #orfn #prayfororfn #orfnus @orfn2016

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