Friday Shit Starter

Dec 02 2016


look like copenhagen making some moves…richard of SF in winning position.

join up. show us how you do it.

trainer update:

I contacted tacx about upgrading my bushido into something more contemporary. Have not heard back. If I don’t soon I will start hitting up some of the other smart trainer companies.

for the record I’m doing the CTS indoor trainer program on Strava. I didn’t ride much this year and want to make sure I don’t fall into the same pattern next year.

day 2= 4 x 10 minute Steady State Intervals with cadence changes every 2 minutes.

So for me: 4 sets of heart rate around 165bpm. cadence@85-95rpm’s for 2 minutes, that 95-105rpm for 2 minutes, etc for 10 minutes. spin at endurance HR for 5 minutes and then start new set.

This was easier than the first one for sure. Just stare at the numbers and try to make them match up. It’s also easy to get distracted without focus.