Big Trouble in Little Bummy Town Update

Nov 25 2016

Proof of Delivery 1988

Paul L. Esbrandt

““Yo hey I dunno if you guys have had any of these on the site yet or not but I found a guy hosting a couple old SF Messenger Movies. Proof of Delivery (1987) and Beast Of Burden (1993) are two documentaries on SF Messengers and Big Trouble In Little Bummy Town(1999?) was a homemade spoof vid done by various SF messengers. Everything is pretty budget, and hard to even watch at a few points haha, but its cool to get a glimpse of the old days.

Theres plenty of old heads out there that could fact check/ tell you a lot more then me but heres a little info off the top of my head:

A few of these guys are still around. Funny stuff. JR (Junior), who makes an appearance in all three of the films was probably the longest consistantly working messenger is SF, He retired about two years ago and I believe he had nearly 40 years under his belt. He looks like a Janitor/Punk in the first movie sitting in front of his Red Speedway Schwinn Basket bike, but by 90’s he looked kinda like a sketchy santa, still riding the same bike until retirement I believe . Shark who appears in Beasts of Burden to explain “messenger bikes” in his leather jacket, and makes a cameo as a pirate in bummy town is still working, super nice dude, with 30+ years as a messenger, minus a brief sabbatical to Hawaii, on the same bike as well! There is a missing part 4 of beasts of burden which is a bummer because it shows the annual memorial day weekend ride which still happens every year. Spot some good old ZO Bags, and a young-ish ZO himself in there too with a quick history lesson.

Bummys was a term used to describe the drunk, lazy, homeless, addicts, or or generally derelict messengers of the 80’s and 90’s when almost anyone with two arms and legs could get a messenger job in sf. The dude who plays the new guy w the red hair I believe is a young SHAM KUK THR R.I.P and you can catch a glimpse of a THR in the background of his interview scene. That was the old KING/FLASH office on 7th ST which eventually burned to the ground one night.

Anyways, sorry for the long rant, good vids for a rainy day.



with new info:
“Some clarifications, you are totally correct on Shark and JR. I always knew the “New Guy” as “Little Chris” he died after moving to Portland about 10 yrs ago in tragic circumstances I prefer not to go into. The “Dispatcher” (Damon) and Miss Mayhem (Kitty), “Nosmo” (Nosmo) and the “German” (Mario) are still around town, doing what the need to get by. The old “King” base was at 15th and Shotwell, but it did burn down under questionable circumstances, (things that may be inconvenient to Andrew Brady tend to get set on fire). The scene where the new guy comes into the messenger room is highly accurate, the part they left out was the new guy had to buy the beer (which the office would front money for if you were broke). I used to work in both Seattle and SF as a bike messenger from 93-04, a motorcycle messenger 04-06, and then drove on and off until earlier this year.”

Have a good day,

07/29/Angry Chuck