We did it.

Nov 17 2016


(Read this in Club Onyx announcer voice:)

We were just going to stop with t-shirts.

I thought.

Ok OK we did the full kits by Santini. We did jerseys, we did bib shorts, we did arm warmers, we did leg warmers, we did gloves.

And it wasn’t enough cuz then we had to bring back the longsleeve shirts.

And then the wool jersey.

And now I just got word from Phil Legit.

He said we need to move into Hooded Champion sweatshirts.

I was like Phil. How can we add Champion Hooded Sweatshirts.

He said

“what are you dumb bruv? we already doing the shirts, its the same thing.”

I said “oh shit Phil.”

So now we doing it again.

Club GS Landlords.

Erie Avenue.

(I can’t find audio of this dude. I got to get it just to show everyone what he sounds like.)

Read this in my voice.

That’s pretty much it for this design.

When I said we wanted to do full kit I meant it.

The only stuff we haven’t covered is head and feet.

Once that’s out of the way we’re going to take a clothing break and move in a couple of different directions.

If you want to get involved with this 2016 edition kit get involved now…

Cuz this is it.