Oakland Andrew Department

Nov 15 2016

The views expressed below may not reflect the views of Landlords Cycling, they are the thoughts of Oakland Andrew.

“WTF, this shit is stupid expensive and its all made in fucking China. How they going to charge 300 bucks for a wool jersey under the guise that it’s fancy Italian shit but they are having it made in China for a few bucks. Boycott Rapha. ”

“I went to the Rapha store that is in the Marina district of SF, super high end shopping neighborhood full of rich white people and that’s what the Rapha store was full of. they have a cafe inside with over priced shitty coffee and there were about half a dozen douche bag cyclists sitting around drinking coffee, these are all bankers or techies or venture capitalists that have a 10 thousand dollar road bike that they barely ride. There are actually people that suit up and get on their bike for a “ride” and then they just go to the Rapha store to get coffee and sit around with the other people that are just like them. I go out on long rides in the hills, over the bridge and into the headlands and beyond, I can spot the difference between a bike that gets miles put on it and one that is just used for fronting at the Rapha store.”

-Oakland Andrew