Ebay Selection

Nov 15 2016






“Of course an outrageous price and shipping from Italy.

Shit at the spring Brooklyn bike jumble Sam busted out a pair of those pink giro winter hats(like in the shrine poster) for $10/11 and chain stitched, not flocked. As soon as they were pulled out they were gone. sold to the vendors right next door. ”
-Tommy G

Time capsule:
You know… at some point in 1997 Kyle from Bikyle came back from a trip to Italy with a garbage bag of deadstock wool knit hats like this. He sold them for $20. A bunch of them were blank, but there was some branding mixed in. I got a navy blue one with Summer Squash ear flaps. Larry B got a Raleigh. I’m not sure if that’s where the pink giro cap came from—-Everyone got cool wool winter caps that year.

Note:You ever notice how there’s about 50 wool cycling cap companies and not one of them can make a hat like this?