Al’s Olmo Competition

Nov 14 2016



Two years in the making!

That’s how you do it!

I know I bust on winter projects in the past. But it is winter project time now.

Go all the way classic like Al or go mixed retro/contemporary**

**steel lugged frame, no slope- armed with contemporary components. (campag potenza nice and shiny)

or get two and do both.

…and then one more.

And then well you have this old stuff so you probably want some new stuff. So you need a full carbon (or alu on a budget) road bike to be current.

But then you will need a contemporary geometry steel road bike because you want the best of both worlds.

(So if you live in Philly today-Monday at noon – 4 you can show up to transport and get fit for a vanilla speedwagen and solve that issue.)

But fuck then you want a modern classic Italian lugged steel bike too.

But now that you have all those it’s cold as shit so you need a crossbike so you can race 2 times this year.

And then you realize that you just want a MTB but you want to keep it simple so you get a singlespeed with no FS.

and then you realize you want to shift so you go back to gears and fs.

and then you decide you’re fucking nuts and need a Full Suspension bike so you jump over ravines.

and then you crash and you’re like fuck that.

So you decide to get into touring or rando.

So you go to transport and get Simon to build you a legit Hanford.

Oh you forgot you wanted a 70’s Italian trackbike?

But then you need a contemporary carbon Look track bike.

And then maybe a 1950’s track bike.

Rinse repeat oblivion.