Masters SALE: Roberson

Nov 08 2016





“Went back to San Diego for spring break and stopped by Joe Bell’s for some catching up over beers.

Those old dudes were really excited to show me that Rob Roberson just finished a production run of those amazing hand carved pipes which I sent a photo of previously (that I guess was a prototype).

He created all the tooling, nailed out all the kinks and has made a production of ~20 of these smoking pipes. There are 4 different pipes each an homage to a different builder: Colnago, Confente, Nervex, Magistroni.

The detailed handmade miniature lugs are an accomplishment on their own, but the small details really show Rob’s masterful craft. All of the threading and tapping had to be custom made, so he made a tool to cut the different thread pitches. The bottom piece unscrews for ash removal and was hand knurled and stamped with the pipes name. The tip is removable for easy cleaning and is also stainless. The pipe also has a separate stainless interior that was brazed in so the outside of the pipe body doesn’t get hot during use.

Overall, even as a non-smoker the quality of these pieces and the fact that they were built by one of the best unknown builders makes it an amazing collectors item. I told Rob I’d drop a line for him and see if anyone out there in “internet land” would be interested in a purchase, he is now asking $600.”


For our high end readers we are helping to offer these unique, usable, cycling sculptures.

Own history. Offer tribute to the cycling gods with smoke. Jah fire bun.

Please contact us at to work out ordering details.

While others are collecting Silca pumps you can collect Roberson pipes. Specific Pipeage.

More info about Rob Roberson from Classic Rendezvous.