Expo Thoughts.

Nov 07 2016

I thought the bike expo was real cool. The last one I went to was in 2012.

All the pretension and BS that was floating around 4 years ago seems to have dissipated dramatically.

(I guess 4 years ago was like the peak of bullshit and bikes-The confusion left over when the fixie generation tried to pretend to be bike experts. Thankfully, it’s over! Well sort of…you can’t stop all the BS)

The boutique framebuilder was not present. No out of place, fashion type, bloggers. No perpetrators.

Bikes displayed were meant to be ridden for real-not for vanity.

No gross third wave coffee baristas wearing 5 panels trying to sell you piss single bean, light roast, faux tea out of a beaker.

More focus on riding bikes, less focus on trying to win NAHBS.

Our local suppliers, builders and stores looked great and represented us well. I was impressed to see a bunch of people went for the full convention center backdrop set up.

Very positive. Small industry show with a family feel. No trek or specialized or anything else like that.

It’s cool, it celebrated what Philly cycling has built over the last 20 years with a nod of world support from Campagnolo.

(Campagnolo should have dusted off their boxes before putting them out though. Come on dudes.)


Added thoughts: Would have been better with a Landlords exhibit. Landlords is the glue. Not sure why no one reached out, but hey, you can’t have it all…

**Everyone loved the Transport/Cargo bikes in the demo sections. Everyone. I heard the owner of an infamous local racing shop loved riding a transport e-bike.