Nov 01 2016


This is Shawn’s ride.

(sort of chilling)

(not chilling)

(down valley green, up wise mill, down shawmont is A1. you can do it the other way too. It’s a rollercoaster.)

toed you.

Come and experience what we keep secret.

People thinking Philly is just Fresh Prince, Trading Places and Rocky backdrop.

Naaaaaw Cuz.

Experience the NWP

North West Philly

Home of the Landlords.

All of these rides are good introductions to different styles and levels of North West Philly cycling.

There isn’t a right way to do this you know? Every city has their own style, their own attitude, their own altitude and their own aptitudes.

Our part of town is made up of two valleys. One for the Schuylkill River and one for the Wissahickon Creek. On either side of these valleys you will find steep graded road and MTB terrain.

A lot of pictures you see on here feature Forbidden Drive: a 7 mile long rolling, wide, gravel path that connects Germantown (sorta) and Chestnut Hill. The hills are lined with MTB trails on either side of the creek. All of the roads leaving Forbidden Drive Feature steep grades topping out around .8 miles long.

In NWP the Schuylkill provides some 1 mile+ climbs, all at steep grades.

There’s 2 minor paths:

Manayunk has a gravel path that follows the river and avoids a short climb you need to do to get to the SRT.

The other path is paved and connects Forbidden Drive to East Falls with access to Manayunk and Center City

And one major one:

The Schuylkill River Trail-
26.5-mile trail runs along the Schuylkill River from Center City Philadelphia, through Valley Forge National Historical Park in Montgomery County and ends in Phoenixville, Chester County.

This is mostly flat with a couple bumps. It can be windy. There are hills on the side of it. You can mix up a route with pathriding and climbing.


There’s a lot to do here. I’ve been living here for 8 years and I haven’t done it all.