Memory Selecter

Oct 31 2016

“The band’s first Halloween show in New Brunswick, NJ was one their most notorious shows. In the words of Robby Redcheeks, “Trope (Smithers) built a coffin to carry Jenny Jamz (Jennifer Layne Park) out to into the show. The show was PACKED. So we put Jenny in the coffin outside of the show, me and 3 other dudes carried her in pushing through the crowd. People were like “WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT?!” We were all in Dagger makeup also. We set the coffin down in front of the crowd. Jenny got out wearing a black leather body suit and started reciting the oath she wrote in the Drive This 7”. Reciting, im sorry, more like inciting a riot. She was pushing people and yelling in their faces. I had previously prepared a batch of Dagger blood, (this was actually the first time it was used), a mix of 1 bottle of club soda & 1 red color food dye. We made 4 bottles of it and perched on each side of the band for when Jenny was done. When she reached the end, Dagger had already been building up feedback and noise. She finished, and they started off with the beginning to “Changeling” (if I remember correctly) . Then BLAM~ we covered the crowd with blood. And chaos erupted throughout. Needless to say, anyone that was at that show will remember that show forever. Including me.” [4]” Robby.

best time. All philly squad rolled. Love Park, graff crew, hardcore kids. All in make-up. Absolute mayhem. Many fights. One of the best times ever…

This girl that Vern went out with worked at one of those Halloween stores in Bensalem. We drove out there a couple days before with Kai, Pookah, and James Artz. We were given free range to rack anything we needed. I got this mask that was like black and sheer and you could see through it, so if you wore it under a hood it was just darkness. James got a devil mask. Kai and Pookah stayed in the car because they didn’t believe in any of these pagan rituals. Vern was rapping to the girl while we were in the backroom opening boxes. The co-workers were like “hey guys” and we were like —dirty looks.

Everyone was getting hype for this night in Philly. We had weeks to prepare. We drove to Jersey in a caravan. When the show finally happened we brought hell with us. Their locals were not happy about any of this and it set Philly hardcore up with a bad behavior rep for years after.