Private Week

Oct 29 2016

If you skip the fundraiser and the team gear you will be able to buy into Private Week. Price is $50. We’re working out the logistics of this now.

Just to break down what it is.

The website will go private for one week.

All donors and team kit buyers will be allowed access.

I’ve compared Landlords to a virtual messenger wall. This will be more of a virtual bar or possibly after party setting.

During the week we’ll publish a bunch of off the records Landlords material that will only available for that limited time.

When the week is up all posts will be deleted and the blog goes public once again.

We will ask that no images be downloaded. We will also ask that no screenshots are taken. If you do and we find out you did it we will permanently ban you from the website. And we won’t like you.

So get ready.

Contributors too. This is a no censorship project.