79 x 2 = 158 – 45 = 113 – 50 = 63

Oct 28 2016



Who’s going to step up and take care of the lads?

Crusty old fuckers remember what it was like to be young.

Contemporary peers stop hating.

Shiny, squeaky clean, new jacks pay forward.

Outside observers become participants.

We are assembling a deadly team. We need your assistance.

4 people could donate 16 dollars each and we’d be there…

Philadelphians these are your people.

GS these are your people.

4 people could knock it out, or one person.

Or one person could knock out the next 4 jerseys.
Bill is donating these to the Permanent Collection. Won’t you donate for his jersey. Or even full kit?

It’s friday. Have a couple of drinks. Smoke an l and log back on.

Here’s the donate button.