Oct 27 2016

(yo cheryl dunn!)

(This has a lot of aggression pointed in one specific direction. You can figure it out. When we’re talking about tight pants, dreads, and double bikes, yeah… it’s before the fixie thing took off insanely so we hadn’t focused our aggression on that point yet.)

This was Gary’s apartment. He did the set design. As you can tell. He also did a shower scene for this movie. What a wild dude. Who thought of that haha, that’s hilarious. Gkae got a shower scene in a movie.

D Lord and Lew Blum

Unlike the Landlords book you can find this book online. There’s a short film that goes with it. It was in a few bigger film festivals.

They played it on channel 13 a few times when it was in the Tribeca film festival.

Drunk Jay called me up and told me about it. “Yo I just saw you on TV.”

I was like “nawww, that’s just Channel 13 it doesn’t count.”

The whole thing isn’t online-not sure why. I guess should put my stuff up too for that matter.

I have no idea when we did this. 2005 06 I guess?