Oct 27 2016


keep it rolling. be back later to check on all of this. That’s a long way to to get these two jerseys.

Two jerseys in one day?


That’s what I’m asking for?

I must be losing it.

Club Onyx.

Does anyone in Philly know The Club Onyx commercials on power 99?

I need to get that guy to do some commercials he’s the best.

He’ll be like-

“Oh no we’re back again with the most insane party there has ever been. They say we couldn’t do it..I said no! I said it can’t be bigger!… So we gonna do it even bigger.”

But he’s super hype. He’s yelling. He yells the whole commercial and he acts like he can’t believe they’re throwing an even bigger party this time.

What is that place a strip club? I can’t even tell.

So anyway.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said we couldn’t do two more jerseys in one day. But I say they’re wrong.

Club Landlords 2016

Erie Avenue.

We’re going turn it out. That’s right.

Club Landlords.

(just imagine I’m yelling that like it’s a strip club commercial on the Philly rap station and then donate)
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