Oct 27 2016


Ok another day, we need more jerseys. Fundraiser ends soon. Be part of it.

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Look Studios got Gkae some shorts too. Which is ironic because normally Gary Knight takes no shorts. Haha.

I wanted kind of switch it up today and move onto a different generation of Landlords riders.

We’ll move back to the OG’s when we take care of the young boys.

We’re going focus on getting Bill A and Lil Bro Ben some jerseys.

Both of these riders grew up with Landlords in the background.

Bill A is from Philly, is in college, writes graff, and got three podium finishes at the US National Collegiate Track Finals.



Lil Bro Ben is from Philly, straight edge, writes graff, is in hardcore bands, was a top level messenger and has worked in Philly, SF, and NYC.

Here’s a picture of a younger Ben.


We’ll be egotistical and take some credit for the direction these lads are heading in.

Won’t you give the newer generation some props today and donate?

We’ll move back to the OG’s when we’re finished here.

and I know you want to get back to them.

Serge Trudnowski, Esher, Nemel, Pez, Oakland Andrew, Speed all coming up soon.