fill it in

Oct 24 2016

There’s only 4 spots left on the order sheet. Fill it in.


Make Steve from Santini USA add some extra rows!

Arm warmers. Leg warmers. Gloves. Those are the go to items for the rider who does not want full kit but want to represent tough.

I know some people are still wondering-
“Can I rep this elite crew? Do I have what it take to be part of GS Landlords?”

I don’t know. You have to answer that yourself. It’s a deep question. But if you look deep inside yourself and believe in yourself you can.

If you have PMA-you can.

If you want to change the world or yourself on your bike-you can.

If you experience self doubt, I don’t know, call up your friend and ask them.

“Hey friend it’s me. I was just thinking about scoring a GS Landlords team kit but I am not sure I if I can rep it. Do you think I can rep it?”

And then see what your friend says.

International Orders Once Again Hit Up for shipping info.

And we want your international orders.

GS Landlords is Global Massive.

Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, USA is the spiritual base.