11 Dollars

Oct 24 2016



11 dollars is all we need to finish off today’s mini goal of one jersey for mat t. It’s just 11 dollars and you can be the one to say you kept Mat T dipped in a fresh jersey.

Donate Now.

11 dollars to support LPR

Landlords Public Radio.

Our loyal readers have already knocked out 2 full kits. That’s jerseys, bibs, arm and leg warmers.

Let’s get #3 done by tomorrow night. That’s our mini goal now.

I believe we can finish this jersey off tonight. I believe we can do even more.

Looking for our friends at home and abroad to open their wallets and support the team.

It’s only once a year (or twice depending) we do this. The fundraiser ends in days. Please let yourself say you were part of the first one.

Signing off for the evening. Let us hope when we return things have developed-Phil Legit

(P.S. Japanese visitors, please participate.)