jerseys are go.

Oct 22 2016


I have to admit I have been really getting into the idea of Private Week.

Imagine: Landlords 2011 aggro version with more graffiti and more sound selecter audio clash.

Buying directive now moves towards-

arm warmers
leg warmers

If you can not afford or do not want to buy the full kit please consider purchasing any of the above accessories.

A heavy emphasis is being placed upon the gloves and arm warmers.

Like we have told you before during this amazing Pledge week these are great stand alone items that transform any kit into a GS Landlords Kit.

-Starting at $39.00 (half of retail)
-Can be worn with or without full kit and they represent the GS mega tough.
-You will not see prices like this again.
-Will be available after pledge week for $80 and $90 respectively.
Store Link

or if you are just not the active type you can Donate to our Contributor Fundraiser