Making Sacrifices

Oct 21 2016


I was just noticing how everyone who really wants to support is making this happen. They’re putting themselves out there for the club. It’s hard to stick out your neck sometimes. It’s hard to figure out where you’re getting money sometimes…

I know, bike stuff is expensive and I know money is tight. You work hard for it and you have food to buy, rent to pay, weed to buy, beer, taking someone on a date, a cup of coffee, 12 oz. of coffee beans for $15, $40 of gas for your car, a movie, all that stuff-I get it.

I also know a lot of readers work in the bike industry and don’t really spend money on things like kit and club clobber. I get it, I’ve been there. Some of those jobs have good bike benefits but real shit pay. You take your free stuff and don’t spend money on bike things so it evens out. Sales working on percentage? You must hustle.

And here I come telling you to buy fresh Italian GSLL gear.

What nerve.

“Like who do this guy think he is asking us for money?”


I’m not trying to push anyone or make anyone feel pressure.


It is very cool to see students, mechanics, messengers, young parents and everyone else scraping it together for their own kit or someone else’s.

It’s dedication. I tell people Landlords is a private blog for 20 people and we just let everyone else eavesdrop.

The people donating… That’s who it’s for.

It really puts things into perspective for me-it makes me really appreciate the people that care about Landlords and support it.

Not the people that just tell everyone they read it and they’re down with it.

I hear about that a lot. “Dude, everyone I know reads Landlords” It’s cool to hear. It’s cool to see the views. it’s cool to see where everybody is at. But that’s all passive, not active support.

The people that really feel it and believe in it and our working for this now.

Those are our people.

Thank you. Our real Team rules. I know our goal is high. But we can still try.

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And I don’t want to make you feel bad. Well a little. But we gave it to you for free and you can help out-yourself or someone else.

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