Oct 20 2016

Our GoFundMe goal is now 5428.

Jammie is taken care of…

That leaves 14.

If you want to sponsor an individual rider contact me. Anyone on the list is cool. (Including me.) If you do that we will pull their name out of the general fundraiser.

More supporters.





That buys two jerseys. That’s amazing.

Will it stop here? I don’t know, maybe it will just end. Maybe we won’t pull this off. Maybe you guys are passive readers.

Your views aren’t ending though so you know… Think about it.

Also I was thinking this is the deal:

Landlords will be private for one week for all donors.

We hook up the best content and then erase it all when the week is up and reopen the blog to the public.

Everyone that donates or buys kit gets some inside fun. Everyone who doesn’t-doesn’t.