Oct 20 2016


8 days to show where you stand.

8 days for pre-order
8 days for team fundraiser.

There’s certain people I’m looking at here. Certain people…

Sitting there sipping their coffee, just taking it all in.

I know I know I’m hitting you at the same time as your local NPR fundraiser. Donate to Landlords instead. That’s right take your pledge and give it to us. Take that NPR.


Ok enough pushing for today. Maybe just a little more.

It’s like maybe you appreciate this stuff. Maybe you don’t.

I was thinking of some reward—like a “donor only” week. “donors only month”.

I can get it so you’d only be able to see the blog with an approved IP.

That might be cool. I’ve thought about that before. Like what if Landlords was private all the time? But naaaaaah.

You know we’re not asking for much here at Pledge Week.

For the cost of a cappuccino a day for a month you could a purchase one jersey for one of our contributors.

It’s not much.

If you think about one kit is 400 dollars. That’s a paycheck.

We have never given a contributor a paycheck. (haaha yyeah fucking right you bums.)

Won’t you donate one paycheck to one of these fine contributors? I surely hope so. Back to regular programming.