GS Morning

Oct 17 2016


Aaron M of SF grabs the top 3 spots.
Ryan F of Philly gets 2 for total distance and elevation.
Edson M of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil gets 2nd for longest ride and 3rd for elevation.
Tightpants of Philly gets 3rd for total distance just under 200mi
J of Madrid is third for distance with 50mi


Good morning. City breakdown soon? ok.

3 for GS SF
2 for GS Philly
1 for GS Skokie, ILUSA
1 for GS Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil
1 for GS ? Austria not sure what city
1 for GS Siracusa, Sicilia, Italia
1 for GS Turin, Piedmont, Italia


The jerseys are moving well. Need some movement on the bib shorts to make them happen.

Can’t justify the $$$ for the kit but want to get down?

Pre-order some gloves, arm warmers or leg warmers…

shit dude you could rock that gear for like you know, walking around, or going to the club.

Make all your kits a landlords kit.

Also winter is coming. full length bib pants are needed.



Outside of the US? Please contact through to figure out shipping.

Store shutting down in two Fridays.


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