Robin Williams Bike Auction

Oct 15 2016



Robin Williams was cool, dude. Visible on the Lower East Side in the early 2000’s-going to Alife etc.

His son Zack did a couple of club nights. He was going to NYU and was friends with this artist Hannah H that was going out with Joe Cupps IRAK. Through that connection he booked Semen IRAK to DJ a party he was doing at some bar on Houston. It happened once or twice. I can not remember how that all ended but I do remember there was a night when Semen was going to DJ and they put some wack dude on instead and we all fucked with him until they put Semen on. Our crowd was a little rougher around the edges and ended a few parties. This was in some of the heaviest partying days. 😉

So anyway. Here’s a WSJ article about Pegoretti and Robin Williams.


It’s got a paywall but I swear you can beat it! Something something different browser, something something google, something something cookies. And it’s worth it. Good article.


But back to the bike auction.

So Steve P and Devin both spotted this. Steve contacted first. Sorry Devin he’s fast.


Paddle 8

I think there’s 87 bikes. 4 or 5 pinarellos, a somec, 4 or 5 pegorettis, a serotta, a lynsky, Colnago c50, that futura bike, a lot of time trial bikes. Some low end fixie type stuff with bullhorns, some oddities, some funky 80’s tech.

I really wish someone had taken the time and straightened all the saddles. I know it’s not that big of a deal but you could have got out a level and got everything right.

Another Pegoretti not in the auction.


Look at the front of the saddle on this bike. That joint is bent. You can’t say Robin wasn’t riding it. This isn’t in the auction it was donated shortly before his death.

RIP Robin Williams