Randonneuring: The Punkest Form of Cycling?

Sep 23 2016

Randonneuring is the punkest form of cycling. The actual brevets are like alleycats in the way of checkpoints, but with minimum distances of 200K.

Unfortunately women’s cycling does not get the same recognition as mens. Just look at any major tour or cycling magazine. In 1891 seven women showed up to race Paris Brest Paris, but it being a race, they were turned away. In the 1930’s when PBP became a randonneur event, women were welcome with open arms and continue to crush the 1240K ride. Everyone rides as equals and takes care of one another. No jocks. No egos. Even the people who ‘race’ these rides help each other out.

Another example of sharing the same ethics we take in from punk is fighting against facism. During the German occupation of France, randonneurs and cyclotorists would ride up to 400K every two to three weeks to get far enough away from Paris to pick up food staples that were being ration or unavailable in Paris. They’d fill their bags with supplies and bring them back to Paris to distribute amounts friends and family.