End of an Era

Sep 17 2016


“Via Bicycle is having a down sizing auction on Nov.4th in Port Richmond. Shop has to move in the spring of 2017 and we gotta get rid of a lot of stuff. Here is a link to the auction house: BSS Auctions look down at Nov.4th, that’s us. There is gonna be a lot of cool stuff up for grabs, some going cheap! Bikes, ephemera, tools, etc. There will be around 300 or so lots and I have been working on putting everything together, photographing, writing descriptions, sending stuff over to them. ”



Stop by and visit it before they move or clear out-Or you are missing out.


Can’t wait to see the bidding crowd. Surly, old, possibly drunk motherfuckers no doubt. Keep it civil in the aisles you fucking ruffians.

I’ll be there for this history and the fun.