Friday Selecter

Sep 16 2016

Since we’re getting into the chaotic 2000’s we might as well get into this incarnation of Bum Rush.

This is me and nemel chatting and espo backing it up.

messenger run every light. cops never suspect white kids on track bikes.

Matt Goias is the secret 4th member.

I haven’t listened to this in a while. We recorded this in Brooklyn in 2006 or 07. All the vocals were done in a carpeted booth.

Oh man.

I don’t foresee a reunion coming anytime soon but you should get into it.

(the original bum rush started in Philly with Nemel, Crooked Cock, Philly Squid, Mush, and Sonia around 2005. Recordings are out there somewhere. Ask Nemel. This incarnation existed in NY/SF a little bit after that time. There was one live performance but it wasn’t on a stage. We just walked around with a shopping cart, two mics and a PA and savaged fools at the Deitch Art Parade.)